A seasoned professional with 16+ years of work-experience strengthening the analytics business at ValueLabs

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Kiran started his career as a software developer and after being in the industry for over 16 years now manages IT/Business consulting, Strategy and Delivery management in the BI and Data analytics space as Director- Engineering at ValueLabs. He is experienced in managing large clients from different geographies and domains.

Our team interacted with him to know more about his experience in the program. Here is what he has to say about the same:

Q1. What made you choose an analytics program?

I was having both technical and managerial responsibilities, but after doing the same thing over
and over for many years my work felt monotonous. I wanted to upgrade my skills to stay relevant
and engaged and that’s when I started researching about various courses. Analytics being an
upcoming domain caught my attention because of its industry relevance.


Q2. Why did you choose PGP-BABI at Great Lakes?

Before joining Great Lakes, I did a lot of research about the various Analytics programs available
in the country. The decision to choose Great Lakes PGP-BABI course over others was simple as
this program has the best coverage in terms of tools, courses and experiential learning and the
sessions are delivered by the top faculty members from Great Lakes Institute of Management
and Industry experts.


Q3. Please describe your experience at Great Lakes.

The batch had a good mix of people from different experience levels and backgrounds. The
quality of faculty and the study material exceeded expectations. As a combination of all these
factors it was a complete learning experience.

Q4. How has the course benefited you at work?

ValueLabs was venturing into the analytics space and was keen on quickly setting up the
team and processes. The skills I gained during the program were extremely useful at work as it
helped me understand the tools, techniques, business challenges and solutions in the analytics
domain. These skills played a prominent role in helping me strengthen the analytics business
at ValueLabs. I was so impressed with the course and the student quality that I even hired 2-3 students from my batch to work at Valuelabs.

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